A bit about me

Gibberish Gill

I don’t look like this anymore. This pic was taken almost ten years ago. But I like this photo so I’m going with it. A more recent photo would show me in pyjamas with a lot more “Arctic blonde”, a bottle of wine in my hand and a dash of mild hysteria in the eyes. I have included a photo of Emmet from the Lego Movie, because he’s just so darn happy.

I don’t like writing about myself. I find it very difficult to navigate the line between pretension and modesty so end up trying to keep things brief – as a cop out. However my friend Ange, read this and berated me; said I needed to add some more about me in here.

So here goes – I am female. I am early 40’s. I studied pscyhology before I became an accountant. Worked for 16 years in the City in London, was CFO, COO, partied, tried new things like ice skating lessons, circus skills, netball, volleyball, yoga, swimming, tennis, sailing, parachute jump, flying lessons, cooking lessons, traveled every chance I got blah blah – having a ball. Then had kids. Den Den Deeeeeeeennnnn…. Everything changed. Holy moly! So now 5 years later I am ensconced in the Irish countryside in me pjs literally cleaning up sh*te, with some serious metaphorical whiplash, trying to figure out ANY of this. My husband recommended that I channel it all into a blog.

Don’t get me wrong – I love having kids. They are super fun, mad little individuals. The other day, my three year old asked me where her blankie was. I said “Down on the floor in your bedroom, sweetheart.” So off she pops down to her bedroom on a fairly easy mission. She arrives back ten minutes later with toothbrush in hand singing her little song entitled “happy, happy, I am happy”. She then asks me where her blankie is. I figure this is what must have happened- on her way to get the blankie first time, she passed the bathroom door and must have thought to herself “Lads, now there’s a doorway of temptation that can’t be resisted”. So in she sallies to the bathroom, a room she has known all her life, to check out the acoustics by chatting to herself for ten minutes in there. Brilliant.

Sometimes, on a rainy afternoon when I’m on my own minding them, I invent meaningless errands just to see what they will do. They’re the best.

So that’s me. It would be lovely to hear about you too! šŸ™‚

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