April Challenge – I am my own judge and a kind one

I am attempting to complete five resolutions every day in a challenge to motivate myself through lockdown 3.0.

As we come out of lockdown, it feels like the world is waking up. This year Spring is physical and emotional. The weather is good (dry). People have been in contact with whom I haven’t spoken for ages. From out of nowhere I have energy; packs and piles and heaps of the stuff. I am productive. I am sleeping deeply and soundly – maybe because I no longer rest with the phone in my bedroom, maybe because school is exhausting the kids into a full night’s slumber. All in all, it is great.

It was so good that just like that daft puppy golden retriever who I know is my spirit animal, I allowed myself to become utterly distracted and forgot to complete all my resolutions. It’s not that I didn’t do anything.

  • I walked and ran for most of the week. Big tick for me.
  • I meditated and yoga-ed every morning for five mornings. Bigger tick for me.
  • I continued my embargo on fancypants cheese, booze and the devil’s most evil temptation (crisps). Massive tick for me.
  • I didn’t eat after 7pm five nights of the week. An almighty tick for me.
  • I cooked something new twice. A skyscraper tick for me.
  • I read something new once. Hmmm.. half points. A half tick for me.
  • I could make up crap that might sound like I did something new twice, but we all know I’m only fooling myself. I did not “do” anything new. I did pick out a new paint, but that doesn’t really count.

I made a “Roquefort and parsley mousseline creams” pg 80 of Mary Berry. I was super excited about it. For those who don’t know, (which up until two hours ago included me), mousseline creams are like mini souffles. Yes, that was a tad ambitious for someone who has only recently learned to make pastry. But I feel like I’m on a roll – was that not obvious from the opening paragraph? I ploughed on.

Given the inexperienced chef that I am, I thought they looked competent going into the oven… And I am thrilled to announce that they looked ah – maze – balls upon exiting the oven!!! They had risen, were a fab golden colour and generally were my ticket to culinary wonderland.

However, around 100 seconds later they looked like deflated faces, as if someone had accidentally taken all the botox and fillers out of a wealthy New York middle aged housewife’s face, or worse, her bottom. What’s worse is that my husband, who is always stalwart in his support, could not finish even one. After I had eaten three, I randomly checked the Roquefort packet and I think it may have been slightly out of date. I may be in for an interesting digestive journey this evening.

Anywho, upon reflection, I think that even though I did not achieve my resolutions, and I royally messed up the mousse-whatchamacallits: the fact that I’m in a good mood, have a spring in my step and am looking at new opportunities, should counteract my failure in resolution. And as my only judge is myself, I have decided to accept that excuse and award myself full marks for smiling. Yayh!  

I am attempting to complete 5 resolutions over 5 days til end of June:

Continued embargo on crisps, fancy cheese and booze (except those used in cooking)

  1. Maintain fitness – daily run/walk/exercise for 5 days per week
  2. Meditate and yoga every morning
  3. Continued embargo on fancypants cheese, booze and crisps – 7 days per week
  4. Food after 7pm is banned, except Friday and Saturday, because who could be that cruel?
  5. Cook something new or new-ish x2 per week, read something new x2 per week and do something new x2 per week – over five days

Published by gillsheeran

Former CFO/COO who quit my job to emotionally support my family at the start of the pandemic.

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