Lockdown continues… and so do my challenges!

This pandemic thing is challenging at the best of times but I have to admit, I lost the run of myself today. We were driving by the sea when we saw a car ferry destined for Cherbourg. Both of us wished that we could take the kids to France on those camping holidays of our youth – you know the ones that smelled of Ambre Solaire, the ones where you get sand in the bottom of your sleeping bag and all over the sun screen, where your folks let you eat nutella for breakfast and where bed time becomes a flexible and fluid event. One of those. It’s all well and good to chat about these things but when I arrived home I googled camping holidays in France.

We haven’t booked anything but I am now utterly, absolutely and completely in love with a few camp sites. I can practically see our little family in their photos. What have I done to myself? This is just cruel. We won’t be able to go. Covid! Lockdown! Arrgghhhh… I am such an eejit at times.

Speaking of being an eejit, I have decided to undertake more resolutions. It turns out that lockdown, even lockdown in fine weather, is ridiculously more tedious and featureless without them, than it is exhausting with them.

This is where my thoughts are:

To challenge myself with something seven days a week was stupid. Six days a week was alright at the start but got a bit tricky towards the end. Five sounds like a better, more comfortable and more manageable effort.

  1. It would be lovely to maintain fitness levels so that means the daily run/walk/exercise needs to keep going.
  2. Meditation and yoga (up to nine sun salutations – wooohooooooo), every morning is now part of my life.
  3. Definite continued embargo on anything too finger-licking delish – that rules out fancy cheese (once I’ve finished all the cheese I bought over Easter), crisps (otherwise known as Satan’s Favourite Snack) and booze. This one is for 7 days a week.
  4. No eating after 7pm, except Friday and Saturday.
  5. In the face of there being little else to do, I have thoroughly enjoyed cooking fancypants meals and so I’d love to continue. I don’t want to ignore all the lovely new recipes I’ve just attempted by only focusing on those yet untried, and so I think I’ll cook one brand new recipe per week and one relatively new one (one learned since Jan 1st).
  6. Read something new twice per week.
  7. Do something new twice per week.

The idea is to cook something new x2, read something new x2 and do something new x2. Obviously that adds up to six days, which is more than five, so I can ditch one of those per week if I choose.

The first thing that jumps out at me is that the exertion rate here has decelerated significantly since January. Hey ho. So it has. Although as I run my eyes up and down the list, I already feel a bit tired at the prospect. It may not seem like much to you, the reader, but there are days when it’s a battle – but that’s because I’m looking at the whole list and as my Nana Mc always insisted, “You should never concentrate on everything you have to do, just the next few things. Otherwise none of us would ever do anything. ” She was very wise.

So here goes. My son’s birthday is at the end of June. I will be day-drinking for that, unless we are out of lockdown and we have to hold a proper kids’ party: in which case I won’t be squiffy, but I’ll be super annoyed that I’m not. That seems like an appropriate next deadline. I will no doubt take breaks in between, but that’s the goal. So off I go!

Published by gillsheeran

Former CFO/COO who quit my job to emotionally support my family at the start of the pandemic.

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