Doing Something New every day – what I’ve learned.

In the first three months of this year I battled resolutions and regimes. I challenged myself to ten resolutions every day for thirty days. I then cornered myself into seven resolutions for six days. I tried to do cook something new every day and then do something new every day for 60 days (see list at the bottom). Last week, I took a very nice indulgent luxurious break on Easter week. I’ve now had a bit of a ponder and this is what I’ve learned over the first 90 days of 2020:

This one is a shocker – it is actually possible to lose the babyweight!!! Previous to this, I was operating under the belief that it wasn’t, because it’s just so dang hard to lose it and I didn’t want to stop eating two giant bars of chocolate nightly. Now, I haven’t lost all of it but I have certainly made inroads. It takes a daft amount of self discipline, regular & steady exercise, reduction of alcohol and not eating after 7pm at night.

Here’s a surprising one – the easiest time to give up booze is during a pandemic, when you are unemployed, in the middle of Winter and no one is tempting you with those  “ah sure just stay for one” shenanigans – because you are all separated and it’s too cold outside to meet.

I have engrained new good habits into my psyche. I clean the kitchen every night; except tonight of course because it’s Saturday. It’s “mostly” tidy tonight. I meditate and yoga most mornings without a second thought. So the conclusion is that it takes 90 days to really embed proper practices. It will probably take 9 days to undo them but more of that later.

Cooking a new recipe every day has made me a much better and more proficient cook than I was at Christmas, with Mary Berry at my reins. The major headline was a culinary compliment by my mother in a most sincere and spontaneous way. She has actually bought the same recipe book, as has my aunt. My friend’s mother also decided to dare herself to cook something new once a week. It’s been catching! I think mainly because everyone thought to themselves “well, jeepers, if she can do it, surely anyone can?” Which is true.

The physical “something news”  (zumba, karate), has taught me my coordination is so abysmal it would make a 96 year old granny look graceful [my husband has read this and just stated that a 96 year old granny could be graceful – that’s how bad I am that his standards have become so askew that he views grannies as balletic swans]. It needs to be focused upon if I am ever to even dare enter the doorway of a night club or even a 15th century dance hall again.

Randomly listening to Willie Nelson, Van Morrison etc was eye-opening, or ear-opening to be technically correct. These days when I am watching a programme and they play music with which I am not overly familiar, I write the name down and ask Alexa to play a bit the next day. In this Groundhog day pandemic, any shade of something different is perfectly marvelous.

Why don’t I read foreign poetry more often? It only takes about 5 minutes to google, say, ‘top Chinese poets’ and read one or two poems and it really does act like a gentle zephyr through the old cerebral cortex.

Currently, I am a self-taught sodoku addict. I love it. Who knew?

I am also sharpening my very dull mental arithmetic skills on every day. I fear it’s the equivalent of the first cave man banging two stones together trying to make a pick axe. It’s going to take a long long time before I see any shine or point, however I am persisting as I reckon it could be handy to be able to add a few numbers together at some point.

Living without the phone in the bedroom has been a mind-altering, pacifying and uplifting discovery. I can’t stress that one enough.

So what’s next? I really don’t want to reverse too much – my fitbit was nice enough to tell me that in the one “let-go” Easter week, I gained all the weight I’d lost since March 1st. It was an excellent week.

And I am feeling so holy with my new good habits. I am under no illusion as to how quickly I could descend back into bad ones – about a couple of weeks… if I’m lucky.

I reckon I need to twist, and God forbid, “pivot” this resolution thing a little bit. There were quite a few ‘something news’ that I never attempted. I learned new skills, I tried new things but none of them really pushed me out of my comfort zone (except the video on linkedin). I need to mull and dwell on this. Leave it with me… leave it with me.

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Former CFO/COO who quit my job to emotionally support my family at the start of the pandemic.

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