I broke the lockdown rules.

I am attempting to do something new every day in a challenge to motivate myself through lockdown 3.0.

Yesterday I broke the rules. for the first time. I accidentally-on-purpose “bumped” into a family up the road in the local park. We’ve been so cautious and compliant with all the rules. However, over the last few weeks, my soul has darkened various shades of green as I’ve watched other families meet up in parks and walk together.

It came to an emotional head the other day. We were splashing our wellies in a little stream when a group of about five other children approached. They weren’t much older than my two and so I backed mine away from the water and tried to continue on our adventure. However, my two could only amble about ten yards when they both turned in unison and stood frozen, watching these kids play, with a pang in their eyes. It was very obvious that the other bunch came from at least two separate families. I was crestfallen for my pair but had to drag and push them on. We don’t live on an estate or a road with lots of other young kids. We’re settled in the country on our own. Since lockdown, my kids have socialised with each other, my parents and us.

Later, I checked the incidence rate in our county and its one of the lowest in the country. My mom said, “Do you not know anyone else who has been as cautious as you and you could chance a meet in the park?” I rang a friend who has three young kids. She hasn’t seen anyone at all over the last two months. We met. We socially distanced. Obviously the kids didn’t. What the kids did is run and dig and walk and chat and laugh and smile and chase and just have a wonderful and extraordinary hour on a blustery sunny morning. They were so fulfilled and happy.  

I’m not going to do this again and I don’t advocate others frequently flaunting the rules. If there was a fine, I would happily pay it. I’m just thrilled my two managed to enjoy that one special hour.. and then it’s back to lockdown pain.

Diary of new stuff:

Day 1: went to a local park to which I’d never been.

Day 2: Cooked asparagus (yes I’ve eaten asparagus before but for some reason had always been scared of cooking it)

Day 3: Read a French poem – Demain, des l’aube by Victor Hugo. It is simple yet astonishingly beautiful.

Day 4: Cooked chicken tikka masala.

Day 5: Brainwashed myself into enjoying homeschooling

Day 6: Took a break – yippee!

Day 7: Cooked chilli con carne

Day 8: Wrote a proper love letter

Day 9: Learned how to play sodoku

Day 10: Learned how to say hello in Chinese – Nin hao!

Day 11: Cooked a chicken and Tallegio dish courtesy of Mary Berry

Day 12: Break day. Phew.

Day 13: Bought flowers for a man (my husband but I’ve never done that before for any man)

Day 14: Stayed in bed all day – duvet day – first time I’ve ever done that as a mom

Day 15: Learned to say hello in Korean – “anyeonghaseyo baeuda”

Day 16: Cooked a new chicken dish with sundried tomatoes

Day 17: Cooked salmon with asparagus and basil sauce

Day 18: Took a break

Day 19: Baked muffins – white chocolate and strawberry jam

Day 20:  Did an 8 minute Zumba online lesson and also learned a haka

Day 21: Made king prawn spaghetti dish with chili

Day 22: Broke covid rules

Day 23: Did a full proper yoga session while also minding my kids

I am attempting to do 7 resolutions over 6 days for 5 weeks:

  1. Continued embargo on crisps, fancy cheese and booze (except those used in cooking)
  2. Meditate for ten minutes
  3. Go for a run or a walk
  4. Do something new – I’ve never done before.
  5. Clean the kitchen every evening
  6. Do at least 5 sun salutations every morning
  7. No eating after 7pm (cutting my reprieve down to only one day per week but have a feeling I won’t be able to do it and will revert to Friday & Saturday)

Published by gillsheeran

Former CFO/COO who quit my job to emotionally support my family at the start of the pandemic.

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