Doing something new everyday is working! Distracted from bloody lockdown for a teeny bit.

I am attempting to do something new every day in a challenge to motivate myself through lockdown 3.0.

Over the last few days I have baked muffins for the first time, completed a Zumba online video, learned a haka and also cooked a new king prawn spaghetti dish. It sounds impressive when I write it out like that.

The truth is I took Thursday off, which was never the intention. I got to the end of the day and just couldn’t. However, I had completed a 6km walk and all my other resolutions.

Friday lashed with rain and my genius idea was to bake fairy cakes with the kids. I grabbed an interesting recipe – white chocolate and strawberry jam, which now I think about it should have made me realise they weren’t fairy cakes. You don’t often see white chocolate fairy cakes. Anywho, we had great fun (aka made a joyful, lively and chaotic mess). When the result was churning away in the oven, I noticed the “fairy cakes” were puffing out strangely. I then read the title of the recipe. They were muffins. Oops and oh well. They taste damn delicious.

In case anyone is wondering (which I was), what the difference between fairy cakes and muffins is –  this is it courtesy of

“Cupcakes and fairy cakes are often made using the creaming method, with the sugar and butter mixed together, followed by the eggs then the flour. Muffins, on the other hand, are made with the dry ingredients combined separately to the wet ingredients before being mixed together. There’s also more liquid in a muffin mix, contributing to a denser finished product. “  

Today I was bored, and also at a loose end as to the entertainment mix for the kids so I put on a Zumba video for beginners, like very basic beginners – beginners with helmets, knee pads and stabilisers. It was very enlightening. I had no idea three different dancing styles were involved. I also had no idea that somewhere in the last five years I appear to have leaked away all my physical coordination. Maybe it’s behind the couch.

It took me ages to grasp the steps. When I tried to introduce some arm movement, the feet would unhelpfully forget everything they had just learned. I’ve decided I need to continue lessons so I don’t look like a sad graceless and gangling mom next time we go clubbing, whenever that is. How did we used to learn dances so quickly as kids?

Anyway, unabashed, I launched myself into a haka. My husband said he “wasn’t up to it” and stayed on the sofa laughing. It was definite comedy. I thought I might pick up some interesting facts or enlightenment. I have no idea why, perhaps because it’s such an odd thing to try and emulate. Anywho, no illumination arose, however I had a bit of craic pulling crazy faces at everyone.

In summary, I had a bit of a lull, but I made up for it and momentum is high. Onwards and upwards!

Here is my “New Stuff” diary:

Day 1: went to a local park to which I’d never been.

Day 2: Cooked asparagus (yes I’ve eaten asparagus before but for some reason had always been scared of cooking it)

Day 3: Read a French poem – Demain, des l’aube by Victor Hugo. It is simple yet astonishingly beautiful.

Day 4: Cooked chicken tikka masala.

Day 5: Brainwashed myself into enjoying homeschooling

Day 6: Took a break – yippee!

Day 7: Cooked chilli con carne

Day 8: Wrote a proper love letter

Day 9: Learned how to play sodoku

Day 10: Learned how to say hello in Chinese – Nin hao!

Day 11: Cooked a chicken and Tallegio dish courtesy of Mary Berry

Day 12: Break day. Phew.

Day 13: Bought flowers for a man

Day 14: Stayed in bed all day – duvet day

Day 15: Learned to say hello in Korean – “anyeonghaseyo baeuda”

Day 16: Cooked a new chicken dish with sundried tomatoes

Day 17: Cooked salmon with asparagus and basil sauce

Day 18: Took a break

Day 19: Baked muffins – white chocolate and strawberry jam

Day 20:  Did a 8 minute Zumba online lesson and also learned a haka plus made a spaghetti and king prawn with chili dish.

I am attempting to do 7 resolutions over 6 days for 5 weeks:

  1. Continued embargo on crisps, fancy cheese and booze (except those used in cooking)
  2. Meditate for ten minutes
  3. Go for a run or a walk
  4. Do something new – I’ve never done before.
  5. Clean the kitchen every evening
  6. Do at least 5 sun salutations every morning
  7. No eating after 7pm (cutting my reprieve down to only one day per week but have a feeling I won’t be able to do it and will revert to Friday & Saturday)

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Former CFO/COO who quit my job to emotionally support my family at the start of the pandemic.

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