How difficult is it to do something new every day?

My challenge is to stick to seven resolutions, six days a week for five days. [See end of blog for complete list of my commandments.]

I am attempting to do something new every day (or 6 days per week), to motivate myself through lockdown 3.0. It sounds so fun, so exciting and interesting that when the thought first entered my mind, it was immediately followed by visions of sky diving or travelling to lost caves in the Amazon. Which was particularly stupid considering I’m restricted to an area of 5km from my house. However, I believe this whole escapade could push me as a person.

I also thought I would not rely on simple challenges like cooking something new or reading foreign poetry. And guess what I’ve done:-

Day 1: went to a local park to which I’d never been.

Day 2: Cooked asparagus (yes I’ve eaten asparagus before but for some reason had always been scared of cooking it).

Day 3: Read a French poem – Demain, des l’aube by Victor Hugo. It is simple yet astonishingly beautiful. I’ve included it below, along with some photos of my dodgy novice food.

Day 4: Cooked chicken tikka masala.

This is a disaster. I thought I would be engaged with way cooler activities by now.

Thinking of the future, I don’t know how much more exciting it’s going to get. Pre-pandemic, I’ve already jumped out of a plane and took flying lessons. It turns out I pass out at high altitude when left to my own devices so I can’t indulge in anything like base jumping. I could teach myself to juggle, I guess. Sigh.

Seriously, I’m in dire straits. Other than cooking new recipes, this is my current list:

  • Go to a local beach I’ve never been to. After that, I’m done on going anywhere as I’ve only 5km in which to roam; and unless I invade the local farmer’s cowshed, I’ve been everywhere else.
  • Visit to local farmer’s cowshed. I could always take the kids and say it was their idea.
  • Learn to juggle
  • Do my hair differently (uugh so boring and I’m so useless at hair)
  • Cut kids hair (ha ha haaaaaaaaa)
  • Learn a new language, ahem – few phrases of a new language
  • Design a room in the house
  • A class online? – maybe in DIY or gardening, new instrument, dance?
  • Learn how to restore furniture?
  • Join a new club like toastmasters? wtf…
  • Attend a meetup on a subject not related to work
  • Play a board game with hubbie? (need to buy a board game first)
  • Create art???
  • Write a story, poem or article and submit it to someone or something….
  • Drink a bottle of gin and record myself singing Auld Lang Syne and send it to the parents whatsapp group
  • Run around the back garden in my underwear (presumably I do this immediately after the one above)
  • Stalk someone who is available for stalking for precisely 30 mins a day and who lives within my 5km
  • Join Qanon and keep asking them why.
  • Try to make contact with celebrities on twitter and ask them how much sleep they get every night (my theory is that insanely productive people don’t need as much sleep as me).

You can whiff the desperation once I mention designing a room in my own house and by the time you hit the restoration of furniture you know I’m sinking in it. Ideally, I need simple, relatively inexpensive things to do that can be completed in about 30 – 60 minutes. I’m currently homeschooling so I have very limited time.

Anyway, if anyone is reading this – all ideas are welcome!

The 7 – 6- 5. Seven resolutions I commit to do for six days a week over five weeks.

  1. Continued embargo on crisps, fancy cheese and booze (except those used in cooking)
  2. Meditate for ten minutes
  3. Go for a run or a walk
  4. Do something new – I’ve never done before.
  5. Clean the kitchen every evening
  6. Do at least 5 sun salutations every morning
  7. No eating after 7pm (cutting my reprieve down to only one day per week but have a feeling I won’t be able to do it and will revert to Friday & Saturday)

Published by gillsheeran

Former CFO/COO who quit my job to emotionally support my family at the start of the pandemic.

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