Ten resolutions every day for thirty days – Completed

[See end of blog for complete list of my ten commandments.]

I completed it. Yayyyhh!! I am a champion, of my own ickle tiny world.

I finished off with seafood linguine on Saturday evening. It was the first time in my life that I myself created something that I myself thought was quite good, like, really bloody tasty. The insane quantity of new cooking I’ve undergone in the last four weeks has given me confidence and a bit of sense. I’ve tried blogging about lessons learned but as I’d never cooked prawns, squid or monkfish before, what I learned on Saturday night was that you need to follow the recipe exactly and also drink some wine while cooking . Yup, after 30 days of no booze, I then smashed that resolution by bathing my brain in not one, not two, but three bottles of wine, shared with hubbie but still fairly extreme. It was a brilliant night.

In terms of the ten resolutions, I fairly much nailed them all except the literary diet one. I gave that up sometime mid – Jan and never managed to reignite it. Overall, an excellent result – weight lost, fitness gained, good habits engraved in my soul forever.

HA! I had fooled myself into believing that I had become a new person with some very ace celebrity style routines. I even thought I would never leave a kitchen unclean of an evening again. The resolutions finished on Saturday. Sunday night saw me snoozing away with an utter disgrace of a mess sprawled over the kitchen. So nope, I think more than 30 days is required to engrain a good habit.

I’ve blabbered on about it before, but those darn resolutions were fantastic for morale and motivation, both for me and the whole house. These lockdowns are tough and they ain’t getting any easier. I would continue these challenges as they are, for the next 30 days, but it’s too exhausting and my husband has gained about 14 pounds and he’s begging for a reprieve.

So here’s what I’m thinking. This time I’ll push the time limit to five weeks – which coincidentally may be the next easing of lockdown restrictions. Also, over this regime, I will only force myself to do everything 6 days a week, not 7 (which was laughably stupid of me to attempt and think it wouldn’t be a bother). If I choose seven resolutions, I then create a nice symmetry of numbers – seven resolutions I commit to do for six days of the week for five weeks. Here they are – 7 over 6 for 5:

  1. Continued embargo on crisps, fancy cheese and booze (except those used in cooking)
  2. Meditate for ten minutes
  3. Go for a run or a walk
  4. Do something new – I’ve never done before.
  5. Clean the kitchen every evening
  6. Do at least 5 sun salutations every morning
  7. No eating after 7pm (except Friday & Saturday)

The big one is doing something new every day. Cooking a new recipe counts, juggling, going somewhere new etc. Today I went to a new park which opened up near us a few weeks ago.

Wish me luck!

Here is my/Mary Berry’s fabulous (ish) seafood linguine

Here were the ten things I did in Jan:

  1. No booze (except that used in cooking)
  2. Meditate for ten minutes
  3. Follow the literary diet https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/dec/27/feed-your-soul-the-31-day-literary-diet-for-january-2021-culture-books
  4. Go for a run or a walk
  5. Cook something new – either a new recipe from my new Mary Berry cook book or else just something I’ve never cooked before
  6. No crisps
  7. Clean the kitchen every evening (sometimes I get lazy and leave stuff til the next day…)
  8. Do at least 5 sun salutations every morning
  9. Go through my phone every evening to make sure I have replied to all the whatsapps and texts I got that day
  10. No eating after 7pm (except Fridays and Saturdays – when else could I get my chocolate fix in except when kids are in bed?)

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Former CFO/COO who quit my job to emotionally support my family at the start of the pandemic.

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