Day 17 of 10 resolutions daily for 30 days.

[See end of blog for complete list of my ten commandments.]

I did something today I did not think would have been possible for me to achieve, if you’d asked me even four weeks ago. It’s something most humans have mastered by the sprightly age of 42, but not Mrs. Kitchen Novice here. Are you ready? I cooked a three-course meal. I cooked it. I didn’t buy a course, like the dessert, which I’ve always done in the past. I didn’t serve a cold starter. Nope. Everything I served had been heated to an extent where it changed from raw random thing to scrumptious warm meal. Yayh. I feel like an Olympian. For anyone curious, it consisted of a starter of French onion soup, roast chicken with mash and veg and last night’s lime marmalade traybake.

Of course, it’s all courtesy of Mrs Berry. In the last 17 days I’ve grown from distant admirer to massive fan, particularly after last night’s fiasco. I was diligently making the Lime marmalade traybake (p 316). I chose this recipe because it starts with the sentence “put all the ingredients into a bowl”, or words to that effect. My three year old was involved. Of course, that meant my attention was diverted to making sure enough of the sugar went into the bowl and not her mouth; and also ensuring the spatula was not robbed and run away with, for similar exultant gleeful purposes. Anywho, long story short – I burnt the darn thing. This was a proper burning – the entire top of the cake was black. I was gutted. I’ve managed not to eff up any of the dishes so far, well not that badly. It was 7pm on a Saturday night so I just thought, sod it! I’ll chuck it in the garage to cool, ice it and see what happens. It turned out ok, edible, even delish. I have no idea what the chemical reaction is that can counter – balance the taste of charcoal but it obviously has something to do with lime. I love her.

The rest of the resolutions are grand. I still despise tidying the kitchen every night and have decided that hoovering the floor is not part of the definition. And I still walk into that room every morning and rejoice to see how neat it is.  The dragging of my ass along a daily walk is proving less and less difficult, and I have also found myself now walking a minimum of 5km. I sometimes forget about the literary diet and then have to do a few nights in one go, but I am kind to myself on that score.

Its definitely the cooking exploits which are proving to be the most draining, tiring, time – consuming, fun, confidence building and rewarding. I am learning a few culinary matters but will go into that another day when it’s not after 9pm and I suddenly have a hankering to re-watch The Witcher.

I don’t have photos today cause my phone doesn’t like me right now and won’t comply. So again, just imagine things exactly how I described them, and you won’t be too far off. Ain’t no magic here folks.

Ten things I commit to do daily for 30 days:

  1. No booze (except that used in cooking)
  2. Meditate for ten minutes
  3. Follow the literary diet
  4. Go for a run or a walk
  5. Cook something new – either a new recipe from my new Mary Berry cook book or else just something I’ve never cooked before
  6. No crisps
  7. Clean the kitchen every evening (sometimes I get lazy and leave stuff til the next day…)
  8. Do at least 5 sun salutations every morning
  9. Go through my phone every evening to make sure I have replied to all the whatsapps and texts I got that day
  10. No eating after 7pm (except Fridays and Saturdays – when else could I get my chocolate fix in except when kids are in bed?)

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Former CFO/COO who quit my job to emotionally support my family at the start of the pandemic.

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