After the year 2020, how do I move on with any bounce or zest?

I don’t look at my horoscope every year but because 2020 was so shite, I decided to have a goo. This time last year it was full of warnings about health issues, which I thought was ridiculous. I thought how can they possibly predict that most leos in the whole world will have a health issue in 2020??????

Moving to this next year, in fairness to the 2021 writer, he/she tried desperately to sound perky but directly after the lovely sentence that “most leos will find a harder time pursuing their personal goals and plans”, it just descended into misery. It’s going to be another pants year. Apparently, it will feel as if everything I do, or touch fails. However, on the bright side (which horoscope writers always have to include as otherwise no reader would ever return), there is a “glorious, golden trophy at the end” of all the slog. What is it? It’s that the struggle will build character. I’m forty-fecking-two years old. I have enough character. Any character I don’t have, I frankly don’t want.

So that was that. Nice, eh? I stood in the shower later and just thought, what the hell! I would rather remain ignorant and chirpy than knowledgeable and pissed off. As I decided to act like a child and gather water in folded arms under the shower head, just so I could drop it, I decided – feck this crap. If it’s character they want, I’ll get bucketloads of it. If I have to fail, then I will fail spectacularly. I’m just gonna go for it like a space-x rocket, determined to launch and conscious I will explode. But at least I’ll learn something every time. At least I’ll have tried. I may need to uptick my weekly alcohol quantities to sustain this insane spirit, but I’ll do it.

This is what I’m going to do. I hated 2020 but I’m going to list my top ten achievements for the year, even if some are pathetic. I have done this annually with my best friend since we were 16. However, she is now in Barbados in quarantine with crap wifi so this year I was going to give it a miss. I didn’t really want to re-live the obscene boredom, disappointments and emptiness of 2020; but feck it, if life is going to do this to me again in 2021, then I’m not going to take it sitting idle.

The aim is to reflect on the year, on what you each accomplished. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t achieve last year’s resolutions. If that was the case, they were probably the wrong resolutions and should be discounted. What matters is what you actually did, the silly psychological struggles you had. For example, I have had this pathetic mental block about making pastry and was determined to try it this year. I did. It tasted like popcorn, which was mad, but I still achieved something that was big in my eyes. So that makes it on the list of achievements for 2020.

So, after we have lauded each other’s progress, bigging each other up so much you sincerely believe you are the next best thing to Beyonce; the next part is to consider your future. What you have done, what you missed, what you’d like to push further, where you want to be etc etc. This is best discussed at a meandering, winding length with a very very close best friend with whom you can be utterly transparent, and who will be brutally and hilariously honest with you. Wine helps.

That creates a list of phenomenal and sturdy resolutions. What do you do with these fabulous goals after all that hard work? You put them away and completely forget about them. Don’t pay them another thought. In our twenties, we were known to write all this on table cloths in restaurants, or the back of receipts and bar bills, and the next year had to rely on memory to figure out what we had said.

The point of the whole exercise is to generate a bit of confidence when you look at what you have achieved (which is always, always much, much more than you think), and to set you up with a rock star attitude for the new year. It’s a fun lively conversation and if you do it properly, you also achieve a riotous night out with a close friend, which may or may not involve a nightclub afterwards, dancing on tables and a walk home singing Bon Jovi at the top of your voices. That bit is your choice. 😊   

Published by gillsheeran

Former CFO/COO who quit my job to emotionally support my family at the start of the pandemic.

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