Anyone else just bored of Trump and all the shenanigans now? So hard to be kind about someone who won’t concede…

In the soap opera that is the Trump presidency, it feels like the writers are making the same mistake as those of the series Lost – where they kept trying to squeeze out another few series and episodes long after the juice of the story had evaporated. In Lost, plots and subplots overlapped, rewinded and intertwined, with the consequence that they confused the hell out of everyone. If I was a Trump supporter now, I’d be a bit baffled. Are you supposed to follow Fox news now or not? Is covid good or bad now? Is GOP the enemy or are they friends? Are they radicalised enough or should they move even further to the right and just start worshipping Trump as the creator of a very angry universe? It’s so hard to tell in the ever – changing Trump theatre.

I try to be kind as much as I can as often as I can, but Trump burnt that bridge when he refused to concede gracefully. He’s like a grand-uncle who came around to stay for a couple of nights and now just won’t leave. As entertaining as it’s been, every show has their time.

I guess I’m just at saturation point. I want to go back to largely ignoring politics because I’m fairly sure the guy in charge doesn’t act like Cliff from Cheers or he isn’t going to get into a huff over a largely imagined slight and press the big red nuclear button while his knickers are all a-twist.

I’m aware that my attitude isn’t that of a model citizen. In theory, we should all have a keen interest in every level of politics. However most of the time we feel that the political system doesn’t work for us. Ironically, if we did pay more attention, or if more of us paid more attention, if we all stood up all the time for what is right and refused to elect corrupt officials, and punished those who had engaged in corruption by not re-electing them; then the system would work very nicely for us. But it would take a lot of us, probably all of us; and we are a long way from that happening.

Droves turned out to vote for Biden & Harris, but how many will turn out to vote at a local level for councillors or other lower elected positions? And those are the levels that really matter. Those guys directly impact whether that obnoxious pot-hole on our street will get sorted, or if more police will be allocated to our district, or if anti-discrimination training is provided in the right way in the civil service.

It took riots, massive injustices, the resurgence of the Klu Klux Klan and a vote campaign spearheaded by the Obamas to create the 2020 turnout in the US election. While I’d love to see those levels of voters at the polls again in every country, I sincerely hope that the first three on that list never recur.

In practise, the truth is that most of us don’t really care what’s happening in the halls of power. We just want everyone to do their jobs so we can peacefully do our own jobs, go home and watch Netflix. The reason we elect officials is because we believe they can do the job in an honest way. So let’s just go back to that, and soon.

Published by gillsheeran

Former CFO/COO who quit my job to emotionally support my family at the start of the pandemic.

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