Is the President ill or is this all a stunt? Unbelievable to imagine, but now I’m not so sure.

Imagine if Angela Merkel announced today that she was being taken into hospital with Covid. Is your first reaction – “what’s she playing at, eh? Does she think we’re stupid, she’s obviously just not wearing any make up.” You could interchange a number of national leaders’ names into that sentence – Trudeau, Macron, Ardern, even Johnson – and the reaction is opposite to the name Trump.  

In fairness, when you tell that colossal amount of porkie pies, inexact statements and falsehoods, at some point people just stop believing anything you say; or at least become sincerely sceptical. I try to be kind, and at the start I believed he was sick; but then all these bizarre things happened.

Firstly, he releases videos without his orange make-up – the vainest man on the planet without his usual rusty glow. Hmm.. And you think to yourself, that’s a bit strange. I mean, this guy is so vain he has stated that he’s smarter than expert doctors and scientists. That type of personality always wants to show their best side, especially in a video that he knows will be viewed by millions of people. I find myself wondering if he’s hamming up the sickness.

Next, I read that his doctor has a dodgy reputation. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not. He’s an osteopath in the US and he received the same level of basic medical training as an MD. However, this is the man who agreed with Trump about hydroxychloroquine, when it was unproven and has since been disproved. So, let’s just say there are questions about this man’s medical integrity. I’m not saying he has it or he doesn’t, but there are definitely unanswered questions.

Thirdly, only with mild symptoms, Trump is taken to hospital and the logic is just bizarre. Trump mentions in a video that he’s in hospital because otherwise he would have had to isolate in the White House on his own and would have been unable to see anyone. Is this infectious man saying he wants to go to hospital as it’s a more social environment? That makes no sense.

In another video this morning, he talks about how he has met the “soldiers” and the healthcare workers. A man with diagnosed Covid-19 condition was allowed to wander around a hospital and meet others? That doesn’t sound very sensible nor in fact what most medical professionals would condone.

And finally, the white house staff themselves are not given any instruction over the weekend about what to do. This morning apparently they were sent an email with protocol guidelines for covid.

In my mind there are two explanations. Either the White House administration is an entangled spaghetti clueless mess with no clear organisation or care about their staff. Or perhaps Trump was never ill with covid? It’s actually the kinder thought as it means the man didn’t wilfully spread the virus when sauntering around the hospital and it’s why he didn’t feel an impetus to warn WH staff. Or is it kinder to assume he was sick and this isn’t an crazy Trump political antic?

It’s an impossible one really.

Which option is the kindest to assume – that he’s lying to millions of people for some sort of PR stunt, or that he knowingly spread a deadly virus?

Published by gillsheeran

Former CFO/COO who quit my job to emotionally support my family at the start of the pandemic.

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