How do I feel about Trump contracting covid?

Trump has covid. This is a moral dilemma for a lot of us. We don’t like him but we don’t want to wish anyone unwell. Yet we don’t exactly wish him well either. Argh, it’s a tough call. If only he hadn’t denied the existence of this disease and then went about encouraging people not to wear masks, then it would be so much easier to be kind in this situation.

And looking to the future it becomes even trickier… If he contracts a mild dose, he’ll say he doesn’t know what all the fuss is about and imply that everyone suffering in hospitals is weak, essentially to make himself feel strong, or stronger than the ailing anyway. If he undergoes a bad dose, then it’s Boris Johnson time all over again. People will talk about his fighting spirit and the country will rally behind him because it’s morally abhorrent not to do so when someone is seriously ill. This will give him a surge of popularity just at election time.

So what do you do if you really don’t like the man’s principles, behaviour and ethical code – yet your own ethical code prohibits you from wishing him unwell? Staying shtum is one option, but I don’t want to do that either.

So after some thought, and bearing in mind my motto is to always try to be kind, here is my stand. He’s unwell and should receive all the medical help he should get – that’ll happen. No low blows while he’s on the ground but equally we can’t be churlish enough to vote him in to power just because he’s unwell – look how he publicly maligned Hilary when she contracted pneumonia. We shouldn’t vilify him for this the way he did her, but I wouldn’t give him any easy breaks either.

We don’t take joy in his illness, but I don’t have to weep either, not for someone who has spread the virus at rallies etc. We still hold him accountable for everything he has done and said before, we don’t forget that.

In the end, I think about the way I treat my kids. My daughter was clambering over the furniture and up the walls in a seriously dangerous fashion. I reprimanded her countless times but, behind my back and at every opportunity, she continued to believe she was spiderman. She then hurt herself (not very badly but enough to cue academy award winning histrionics). I looked after her sore knee, kissed it better but I withheld some sympathy. I kept reminding her that the reason she hurt herself is because she was being naughty, that she should listen to grown-ups.

That’s how I think Trump should be treated – we should help him get better and then give him the parenting of which he was so obviously deprived. Anytime he brings up the topic of his battle with covid looking for attention, or anytime it’s discussed by others, a grown-up needs to enter the room and remind them all that he was warned and he took the risk, therefore he should gain no merits for overcoming it. In fact, while we are glad another person has not succumbed to this disease, he still acted like a total foolish eejit in the first place.  

Published by gillsheeran

Former CFO/COO who quit my job to emotionally support my family at the start of the pandemic.

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