Schools are back open – but for how long?

Schools have opened! Officially! Yabba dabba fecking doo! I don’t think I realised how long the Summer actually was until this moment.

His first ever day of school and it didn’t even dawn on me to cry. I gazed around and everyone is all smiles. Christ, we’ve waited an eternity for this day! It was touch and go the other week with the meat packing plant slip-ups, and don’t even get me started about those eejits in Killarney with their late- night street partying, bodies on bodies. There they were standing on telephone boxes with their bad voices and their bobbly bottoms, not one consideration for the mothers of the country who have been counting down the last couple of weeks fastidiously.

Now the big question is this – how much freedom will we get? I reckon we will get two weeks before lockdown – that’s the cautionary side of my personality trying to hedge bets so I am not overwhelmed with over-excitement. My friend, who survived lockdown as a single mom with three dumplings under 6 years old, reckons she is due two months. I love when she talks about it. It’s about what she is “owed”, rather than any relation to covid cases and pandemic statistics. She reckons she has a touch of Post Traumatic Case Disorder after lockdown. It was fairly brutal for her. If the sun hadn’t shone, she’d have taken up smoking.  Right now, she is in town getting her nails done, texting me that it’s too early to drink, but if she could, she’d take a glass of champagne right now.

We both know that’s bollix, and that she is, right now, drinking the champagne.

Yes, covid has been tough on the youngsters. However, it’s well documented that all children catch up by the age of ten years old, academically and socially. It’s nice for them to learn. They love it. We love it. It makes for a happier time. And social learning is the one they love the most because they’re not even aware they are doing it. Because it involves other humans their own size who may be able to empathise with them; and who have the same energy levels when it comes to bouncing on beds.

But ultimately they will be fine. I’m not worried about them. For a year or two, life will be a bit weird where they socially distance from people, but once this whole thing is over they will be back licking each other’s elbows trying to figure out who most tastes like salt. They are young enough to either forget or adapt.

Yesterday my children had a 30 minute fight because one of them was “looking” at the other one. I don’t mind those arguments when they are outside in the garden and I can’t hear them; but lads, in the words of John Snow “Winter is coming”. All this noise and rumpus will be within earshot within weeks. Not funny.

Parents are resilient but this is going to push us to our max. The last time all mothers were at home constantly with their own bairns, life expectancy was much lower. There may be a link there, ha ha. It’s definitely an added stress and pressure. Yup, my heart right now is with all the parents in the country who have rediscovered silence. Long may it last. I’m with my bubbles-swilling buddy, we deserve a couple of months of this, we definitely do.

Published by gillsheeran

Former CFO/COO who quit my job to emotionally support my family at the start of the pandemic.

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